Request / download Os Linux

Linux merupakan suatu os yang banyak macamnya , dengan pengembang yang semakin hari semakin banyak memungkunkan di hari mendatang linux menjadi os terdepan , langsung saja , berikut tenpat download iso / pesan cd linux :


Free CD Request: ( Gnome Interface ) Download


Free CD Request: ( KDE Interface )


Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Free CD Request:


Open Solaris

Free CD Request:


Download Major Linux Distributions

Arch Linux

Arch Linux a distribution based on the KISS principle with a rolling release system

Download :


CentOS, a distribution derived from the same sources used by Red Hat, maintained by a dedicated volunteer community of developers with both 100% Red Hat – compatible versions and an upgraded version that is not always 100% upstream compatible Download:


Debian, a non-commercial distribution maintained by a volunteer developer community with a strong commitment to free software principles. Download :


Fedora which is a community distribution sponsored by Red Hat Download:


Gentoo, a distribution targeted at power users, known for its FreeBSD Ports-like automated system for compiling applications from source code. Download: Knoppix Knoppix, The first Live CD distribution to run completely from removable media without installation to a hard disk. Derived from Debian. Download:

Linux Mint

Linux Mint, a popular distribution based on and compatible with Ubuntu. Download:


Mandriva, a Red Hat derivative popular in France and Brazil, today maintained by the French company of the same name Download:


OpenGEU, derived from Ubuntu: The project’s goal is to combine the power of GNOME desktop with the eye-candy of Enlightenment 17. Download:


openSUSE, originally derived from Slackware, sponsored by the company Novell . Download:


PCLinuxOS, a derivative of Mandriva, grew from a group of packages into a popular, community-spawned desktop distribution. Download:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is a derivative of Fedora maintained and commercially supported by Red Hat. Download:


Slackware, one of the first Linux distributions, founded in 1993, and since then actively maintained by Patrick J. Volkerding Download:


gOS and other netbook operating systems. Download: From  :


sumber :


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