Legend of Lake Toba

Once upon a time there was a prosperous village in a far ‎away island called Sumatra. In northern part of the island, lived ‎a farmer whose name was Toba. He lived alone in a hut by a ‎small forest. He worked on his farmland to grow rice and ‎vegetables that he sells to local market. Once day he wanted to ‎catch some fish so he went to a river and fished there. He was ‎very surprised when he got a big fish. The fish was as big as ‎human being. Soon he went home and put the fish in his ‎kitchen. He planned to cook the fish for his dinner that night. ‎When he got to his house that afternoon he took a bath. Then as ‎he walked into his bedroom after taking a bath Toba was very ‎shocked. Do you want to know what happened?‎

There stood in his living room a very beautiful girl. The girl ‎greeted him nicely. For a moment Toba was speechless. When ‎he could control his emotion he asked her.‎

‎‘Who are you? What’s your name? Why suddenly you are here in ‎my house?’‎

‎‘Pardon me if I surprised you Mr. Toba, but you took me here. I ‎was the fish that you caught in the river. Now that I become a ‎human being again, I would like to thank you and I will be your ‎servant to express my thankfulness’‎

‎‘Were you the fish?’‎

‎‘Yes, I was the fish. Look at your kitchen’.‎

Toba immediately rushed to his kitchen and the fish was ‎nowhere to be seen. He saw some gold coins instead.‎

‎‘Whose coins are these? Why there are some coins here?’‎

‎‘Those coins are mine. As I changed into human being my scales ‎changed into gold coins’‎

‎‘Ok you can live here and work for me. Your room is over there’‎

‎‘Thank you very much Mr. Toba’‎

Since that day the beautiful girl lived in Toba’s house. Since she ‎was very beautiful Toba fell in love with her and not long after ‎that they got married. The girl married to Toba on one ‎condition that he would never tell anybody about her past. Toba ‎agreed to the condition. Several months later Toba’s wife ‎delivered to a baby boy. Their son was healthy. Soon he grew up ‎into a handsome boy. Toba named him Samosir. Unfortunately ‎Samosir was a lazy boy. He did not want to work at all. When his ‎father worked hard in his rice field and farm, Samosir just slept. ‎When he was awake he talked a lot and he ate a lot. Toba was ‎very disappointed with his son’s nature. He hoped that one day ‎Samosir would change into a diligent boy. Day in and day out ‎but Samosir never changed.‎

Toba used to go to his farm and rice field early in the morning. ‎Then at midday his wife would bring him food. They used to eat ‎lunch at their farm. As he was a teenager Toba and his wife tried ‎to change his behavior. They ordered Samosir to bring food for ‎his father for lunch while her mother stayed at home to do ‎household chores. But Samosir never did his duty well. He ‎always woke up very late. He woke up after midday. Then one ‎day his mother forced him to bring the food.‎

‎‘Sam, wake up. Go to the farm and bring the food for your ‎father. He must be very tired and hungry now’.‎

But Mom, I am tired and hungry too’‎

‎‘What makes you tired? You just wake up. Go now. You father ‎needs the food’‎

Toba reluctantly went to the farm. But he did not go to the farm ‎immediately. He stopped somewhere in the street and ate the ‎food. It was already late afternoon when he got to the farm. His ‎father was disappointed. Then he was angry as he realized that ‎his son had eaten his food. He said sarcastically.‎

‎‘O, you are stupid lazy boy. You are son of a fish!’‎

Samosir was hurt. He went home right away and as he got home ‎he told his mother about his father’s words. Samosir’s mother ‎was shocked. She was also deeply hurt.‎

‎‘O Toba. You break your promise so I cannot live with you here ‎anymore. Now you have to accept to consequence of what you ‎did. Samosir, now go to the hill, find the tallest tree and climb ‎it’‎

‎‘Why mom? What will happen?’‎

‎‘Just do it, never ask any question. Good bye’‎

As soon as she finished saying that suddenly the weather ‎changed. Sunny day suddenly turned into cloudy day. Not long ‎after that the rain poured heavily. The rain last for several days. ‎Consequently the area was flooded. The whole area became a ‎big lake. Then it was called Lake Toba and in the middle of the ‎lake there is an island called Samosir Island. Meanwhile Toba’s ‎wife disappeared.‎


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