First , you need to learn to think .
That’s going to be the hard part.
Once you know HOW TO THINK,
You only need to spend a short while with any language to learn the syntax , And BANG!
You can program in that language.
It’s that first one that trips everyone up.


4 thoughts on “It’s that first one that trips everyone up

  1. Ecdzzbmr

    possibly traded, may look good on paper, but they’d be banking on those #56 and #75 overall picks to be at least as promising as the three they’d have traded.
    April 12, 2018Astros’ Yuli Gurriel Rehabbing, Raking At AA Corpus, Back Friday vs Rangers – April 10, 2018Father Figure: Former Astros’ Pitcher Shane Reynolds Cheers Son, Texas Longhorns’ Ryan Reynolds – April 8, 2018.
    ” ??Based on this quote it makes sense that drafting a rookie makes the most sense as the playe.

    The 2016 Super Rugby champions were the only team to record a winagainst the Crusaders last year.
    While he’s a focal point of the offense, this team isn’t quite one dimensional.


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